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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just a Thought

Do you think a person who struggles to believe in the grace of Jesus hasn’t experienced the grace of Jesus? That person might understand in his mind that Jesus Christ can set him free, but doesn’t believe in his heart that all things are possible with God. I can say or write that I believe “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE”, but I must appropriate that belief through faith.  Faith should always grow in me. I may have defeated one giant, but I will always face another. I didn’t begin my journey in Jesus with developed faith. For strong faith to be real in me I need to keep yielding, and seeking and learning. I sometimes see a new believer isolating himself! Please don’t! If you are a new believer, don’t isolate yourself because your roots are shallow and sin harasses you. Jesus Christ didn’t save you in your perfection. He saved you in your brokenness. Seek mature Christians for guidance. As you grow in Christ’s grace, the power of that grace increases.

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