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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Developing You

Don't compare yourself with others. Your life is not theirs. Your faith is not their faith. Your faith is what He has given you, and what He builds in you. Look to Him and trust Him to bring about all in your life that He desires. If you reach to be “perfect even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect”, you will discover a sacrifice of heart that builds your character.


Always assess your character. Honestly look at yourself and how you live your faith. Look at how your life impacts others, and what it says about you. Pray about your relationships, family, friends, and all those who are in your life. When He reveals something you didn't handle well, pray about how you might have handled it better. Pray about how such mistakes can be avoided. If you have absolutely failed, ask for forgiveness and move on. Don't freeze out of fear of failing again. Be honest with Him and with yourself. He loves honest repentance, and forgives. Allow Him to develop you.
Keep Him close. If you do, He is always as close as your next breath. He is always your helper in your darkest moment. He leads your through circumstances that overwhelm. He brings you from your weakness to His strength and power, from danger to His protection, from poverty to supply, from doubt to faith. Don't ever forget He has saved you from sin, and brought you His love, peace, and joy. Don't allow any circumstance or failure to destroy His life in you. Turn it around for His glory. Allow it to make His life stronger in you.
Just like a photo negative that is developed, allow His to develop you into His perfect picture.

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