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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Just A Moment Away

In this early morning stillness I wait for you. I know it is only a moment before your first morning touch grazes my cheek. It is only a moment before I hear your Word from within my heart encouraging and uplifting me–telling me that you are with me and all is well. It is only a moment before you sweep over my questioning mind, and bring my turbulent thoughts to rest. I know your promise will come, because I have pleaded with you to lift that which weighs so heavily. I anticipate the peace and joy which you have promised. My heart and spirit begins to settle as my mind focuses on you. I remember your faithfulness through so many other days and nights. I remember your strength and presence for all that has passed through the years. You are about ready to lift this struggle from my heart. Your peace is just a moment's breath away. Suddenly you are upon me. Suddenly you are with me lifting this burden and restoring joy. Your peace lifts the turmoil that tried to rob the rest of my night. You overcome the ebb and flow of my uncertain world with your quietening peace. You are with me, and I can breathe. I need nothing else. No thought that tears my heart. No worry of what might come. No circumstance to be fixed. No purpose in this moment to fulfill. Nothing but your heart beating from within mine. Nothing but you praying from within me. And in this moment with your heart pulsing within mine, all is right because you have overcome the uncertainty of my world. You have become all I need not only for this moment, but for whatever is to come.

Philippians 4:6-7
Isaiah 26:3
Romans 8:26
John 16:33

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