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Monday, January 25, 2016

Let It Begin In Me

O, Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me” (Psalm 139:1, NLT).

He knows me. He knows everything about me. There is nothing He doesn't know about me. He knows whether my heart belongs to Him or if my heart belongs to me. He knows whether I seek Him or not. He knows if His grace has set me free or if sin stills imprisons me. Grace is not a thing He dispenses. Grace is His presence in my life–changing, molding, and continually reviving my heart and mind. Grace isn't a thing that stirs me. Grace is Jesus who transforms everything about me. The light of His presence reveals any sin that I have tried to hide from Him. How could I ever have thought he doesn't see what I believe was hidden? I can't hide my sin from Him. I can refuse or accept His grace. It is my decision. If I refuse His grace then I sink further into the sin which destroys me and hurts those that I love. If I accept His grace, I receive His love and forgiveness. When I repent His grace casts out the impure motive of heart which has fueled my sin, and I am free from its control. The grace of His presence is greater than any sin that tries to destroy me. I can seek Him again and again. His grace revives me again and again. When I allow Him to be the author of my life and write His love upon my heart, He renews, restores, and revives my life.

Revival always begins in my heart. It costs my obedience. It costs my willingness to lay down who I am for who He is. When I am sold out to Him, I finally understand how much He is sold out to me. I finally understand the price that grace cost Him. Then I yearn to be molded. Then I yearn to become a vessel worthy of His Spirit. Within my heart lies His potential to be a catalyst that inspires change. If I am a sold-out vessel, His grace within my heart spreads like a wildfire–burning and purifying and setting other hearts free to burn with His grace. Completely surrendered the fire burns within me, and where it spreads lies within His hands. I am called to have revival in my heart forever. It is not an option. It is a necessity. Revival is the grace of His presence that daily cleanses, restores, and molds me. Once begun, revival shall never end, unless I end it–unless I become hard and rigid and unchanged by His grace. Changed by His grace, the Holy Spirit flows from me into the lives of others who do not even know they are starved for His love. And He speaks to their hearts exactly what they need for such a time as this. Let it begin in me.

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