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Friday, September 23, 2016


I am tired this morning, and I want to retreat from what I know you wish for me. The words are blurred on this page, and I fight to stay awake after a night of little sleep. But you gently call me. I feel your nudge to rise to what you know I can do in your strength. I pray that my words and actions during this day would not hurt anyone. I pray never to be hard or cold to anyone you bring into my life. I pray to always be the shelter you have called me to be. Lord God, I pray for this day to be yours only. I pray to be guided only by your voice and never my own will. I pray to see the others you bring into my life as a gift to be cherished. May I always love with your love! May I always seek to understand who they really are, and recognize the need beyond their words! Help me to always see their potential in you, and yet not burden them before they can understand the wonder of it. Help me to always realize that your way is the best. If I follow you—if I surrender myself to you every day, I will understand the hope of your calling and the power of your resurrection. If I let go of my preconceived ideas about anyone, you can guide me, direct me, and teach me how you can use me in their life. So, Lord, I pray to inspire with your hope, and share your Word with your power, and love completely with your love. You are my strength for your purpose. 

  Lynn Hampton Lacher

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