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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

God Most High-My Redeemer

There is name of God that speaks of His power to redeem. He is El Elyon, my “God Most High Redeemer”.  “I will cry to God Most High,” the psalmist wrote, “who performs on my behalf and rewards me [who brings to pass His purposes for me and surely completes them]” (Psalm 57:2, AMP)! This “God Most High” moves on my behalf, and not only brings about His purpose for my life but completes what He begins in me.

“God Most High” reigns over all the earth in sovereignty and final authority. Because of His majesty, He deserves my highest praise and worship. He deserves my constant love and respect—not just when I need something from Him. He deserves my life and all that I have offered to Him from a grateful heart. I must never assume to put myself in His place, but I often do when I make my own decisions without seeking His will. God is my judge, and the one who has the authority to forgive me. When I come to Him in repentance honoring His authority, He delivers and saves me from all that I have been. He hears my cry, and moves on my behalf. He blesses and rewards me. He is my Redeemer, my Savior, who remains constant and unchanging.

Do I want Him to take back what I have lost and do I want Him to change my life? He yearns for me to honor and worship Him—not for what He can give me or what I believe I deserve—but only because I love Him with all my heart. God has a purpose in the lives of those who love and honor Him. His desire is for me to know the ultimate fulfillment found in living the purpose He has designed for me.

When my heart is completely surrendered and self is not an issue, I yearn to be in God's will. If I am absolutely yielded to Him, I find His will. When I am renewed in the spirit of my mind and transformed by His power, I discover His pleasing and perfect will (Romans 12:1-2). If I yearn for my desire to be His desire, I am completely willing to surrender my personal agenda for His purpose. I am willing to wait as long as necessary for His will or His promise to come into being. I am willing to believe in that promise even if that promise doesn't come into sight (Hebrews 11:6). Do I sometimes get so focused on what God's will or promise is for my life that I miss the truth that the spiritual growth I receive in seeking Him is actually His will for me right now? When I am being transformed into the person He wishes for me to become I am in His will.

Is 2017 the year He will change me? Discipline what must be purged? Prune self for greater growth and purpose?  He will change what I allow. I surrender for His best. May I always honor my “Most High Redeemer” and allow Him to bring about His purpose and complete the work He has designed for me.

Copyright 2017 Lynn Hampton Lacher

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