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Tuesday, December 17, 2019


God blesses you who are hungry now, for you will be satisfied.
Luke 6:21a (NLT)

 On Christmas Day, you may not have eaten much in anticipation of what you are going to have for your holiday meal. Perhaps, you have waited expectantly for that feast, and you can't wait to be full of its riches. This is just an earthly feast. Its riches don’t last. It is there one moment filling you to overflowing and then leaving you hungry the next. You have partaken of its earthly bounty, but it has offered no lasting sustenance. Its riches have left you deflated. You are empty once more. Like Esau, you have filled yourself with the immediate satisfaction of a rich blessing, but unlike Esau, you don’t have to miss the promise of a lasting one.

Jesus' feast is like no earthly one. He prepares a table of spiritual riches that satisfies the most profound void in your life. His feast isn't devoured in an instant and then gone the next. His feast is everlasting, and the richness of its offering is constant. When you hunger spiritually for what He has prepared for you, your emptiness is satisfied. Sometimes you come in desperation. Feasting hungrily on His riches, you discover sustenance and help for your time of need. Other times you come with a deep hunger to receive understanding, which offers joy and peace no matter your earthly circumstance. And sometimes you come to bask in the richness of His glory. But you come. You take in the wealth of His truth, and its nutrition fuels and nurtures your life. Each morsel of His grace fills you with what earthly riches could never give. You feast on the unshakeable Kingdom of God―His feast that never ends.

This Christmas come hungry to His table. Feast upon His unending bounty. Feast upon His truth and promises in His Word. Feast upon His presence. Feast upon His grace. Feast upon the One who created you and delights in you. Feast upon the incredible gift of His life given in unconditional love so that you might partake of all He has for you. Feast upon the Father who calls you His child. 

“You are my beloved child,” He whispers. “Come and be filled. Feast and never hunger again.”

© 2019 Lynn Lacher

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