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Monday, April 10, 2023

No Longer Yours



Child of God, your battle was won long before it ever began. God’s promises are never empty. Just as it took faith to be saved, it takes faith to receive your promise. It takes faith to receive your healing. Empty yourself of your belief of what was true before the Cross, and you will receive your Resurrection promise. 



It takes faith to live for Jesus. Nothing rests on your ability. When you submit your will, reasoning, and understanding to the Holy Spirit and trust Him to guide and empower you, Christ, who lives in you, lives through you. Serving Him is then a joy that flows out of faith instead of obligation.



Trust the Holy Spirit to teach, guide, and empower you. Trust Him to challenge your human reasoning and reveal Himself to you. Don’t hold yourself back because you question your worth and ability. You submit to His ability when you believe Christ has made you worthy.



Surrendering to God is not your work. It is allowing Him to work through you. When you make submitting to God your work, you are responsible for the outcome. When your work is born of your effort and not born of faith in Christ, that work is credited to you as sin and not as righteousness. Whatever is not of faith is of sin.



When you know who you are in Christ, you believe the truth of everything you received when you were saved. You believe you are new, and your old sinful nature has died with Christ. When you deny the flesh access, it is the power of the Holy Spirit that accomplishes the work in you. Your surrender to the truth of His righteousness allows the fruit of the Holy Spirit to flow and flourish through you.


God does exceedingly and abundantly more than you ask or think through you when you surrender to His work of righteousness in you. God doesn’t want you burned out from obligation. God doesn’t want you bound in illness when Jesus has healed you in His victory. The Holy Spirit wants to fulfill and use you for His purpose. It is the enemy that comes to kill, steal, and destroy you. When you put your faith in Jesus’ finished work of grace, God promises to fulfill and use you for His purpose. And His promise is never empty. He will perform that which He has promised.


Greater is God in you than any lie of the enemy or any condemnation that comes against you. No weapon that rises against you shall succeed. Every lie of the enemy that tries to judge the righteousness Christ has given you—every sin that draws your flesh—every illness that attacks your flesh, you shall condemn. This is your heritage in Christ. The righteousness you have received is from Him. 


What has God called you to do? What has come against you to keep you from His purpose? Jesus has given you His life. Jesus has given you His righteousness that overcomes. And you overcome by faith. 


You speak what is in your heart. Get God’s promise in your heart. What you speak either gives life to His promise of death to His promise.


You have Jesus living on the inside of you. You are redeemed and righteous in Him. When you know the new creation you have become in Him, the truth of your position in Jesus causes you to forsake the world’s lies. You’re not your past or current situation or current illness. You are a born-again, righteous, and new person in Jesus. You know where sin abounds, His grace abounds more. You know where sickness abounds, His grace abounds more.


No longer see yourself as that sinner who lived before Jesus died for you. See yourself as crucified with Christ. See yourself dead, buried, and resurrected with Him into new life.


Never allow the grace of Jesus to be cheap in your life. What brought death is no longer. What was a lie is no longer. You are no longer yours. You have been bought with His precious blood. You are His. Know it. Believe it. Live in the truth and freedom He gave everything for you to receive.


(2 Corinthians 5:7, 17, 21, I John 4:4,17; 5:4, Romans 1:17; 6:1-4;14:23, Galatians 2:20; 3:11, John 10:10, Ephesians 3:20, Isaiah 53:1-5; 54:17, Matthew 12:23, Proverbs 18:21, and many more.)




© 2023 Lynn Lacher




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