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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saved from Myself

Two years ago I was asked to consider what the greatest thing God has done in my life. It was easy. God has saved me from myself. I can escape others, but I can't escape who I am. Where I go, I go with me. He is my place of refuge from my own failures, my weakness, my limitations, my defeat, and my inward struggles. He saves me from myself. He is my sanctuary.

I run to Him until in His omnipotence I forget my limitations and my smallness. I remain in His presence until feelings of safety blossom into the joy of of a faithfully gained promise. I have taken in His wholeness. He has become more, and I have become less. I have gained His strength to conquer my sin. He has become my power and victory over my own defeat. 

I have been saved from myself.

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