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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Greater THan Your Failure

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans” (Proverbs 16:3, NIV).

  Do you yearn to be in God’s perfect will? Do you believe that you continually surrender your will so that any decision you make falls into the realm of His purpose? You make a decision to forward in what you believe in His perfect will. Then—without warning—you face failure. That failure consumes your waking and sleeping moments. It eats at you until you question if you ever really understood His will.

You don’t “own” your failure. It belongs to Him. Everything you are belongs to Him so your failure also belongs to Him. You can’t keep that failure festering and hurting inside your heart until every sense of worth is destroyed. The “what ifs” that you ask will only bind you to that failure. Being consumed with that failure and what might have been only places your failure on a pedestal instead of placing it on His altar. Make that failure an offering so that you can learn from it and not dwell on it. He understands where your failure began and He alone can make it right. Because you love Him and your heart longs to follow His will, He will take your failure and reclaim you. He has taught you a lesson that can keep you from another failure—if you will move forward from your failure trusting He will guide you. Seek His will in every decision you make. Commit that decision to Him, and ask Him to make your plan His plan. He will establish the work of your hands—by teaching you a lesson that grows His purpose in your life or by empowering your decision with His anointing.

Rejoice in His promise of restoration! Praise Him that you don’t own His plan or any failure! His plan is greater than any failure that you might make. Step forward from doubt caused by failure, and move forward in faith in Him. Commit to Him whatever you do. Make your life and your plan an offering. He will make all right as He wishes. One decision at a time, obediently rendered, brings deep pruning and His greatest fulfillment.

(Copyright 2017 Lynn Hampton Lacher)

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