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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

You Are My Instrument

“'My heart, O God, is steadfast. I will sing and make music” (Psalm 57:7, NIV).

“Because you belong to me,” the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart, “I know you intimately. You are my instrument, and I long to make powerful music in your life. I long to play the music of my love through you. Your music is not my music. Your music rises from self, but my music rises from the love of my sacrifice. It is complete, and never fails. It is honest, and never fabricates. It is pure and never clouded with earthy judgment. I make harmony of which you make such discord. My music played in your life sounds hope in the ears of those you alone have no power to impact for me.

“Through your life I have the power to reach those you have failed‒ones you have misjudged and ones of whom you have thought less. Your “self” judges, and because of that you have no power to make a difference. You have placed yourself in the way of what I am able to do. Yield your life to me, and allow me to bring harmony to its purpose. My music will flow, rich and free, through you into others. Don't allow the discordant failures of your life to hold you back. Because you desire all of me now, and because you know me as your Lord, your failures are now mine to take. They are no longer yours. It is my purpose to bear them, and to make all things new.

“Even during the darkest of days, David allowed His music to be my music. You, just like my servant, David, are also my instrument. Never allow hard circumstance to keep you from playing the music I have placed within your heart. Through your life, I will make music that speaks to the souls of men and bids them come to me. Never forget that you are mine, and that any attempt to make music without my help will always fail. Only I can play on the strings of your life. Only I can bring out the beautiful promises that sing my praise.

“'My heart, O God, is steadfast,' my servant, David, proclaimed. 'I will sing and make music. I will sing to the Lord all of my life. I will sing to my God as long as I live” (Psalm 57:7; 104:33, NIV). You are my instrument, my child, and I am the conductor of your life. All I desire is your surrender. Open your heart to my music, and allow me to play upon your heart strings. Sing to me always. Through you I will write my very best music, and bring forth a glorious symphony. Just allow me.”

(Copyright 2017 Lynn Hampton Lacher)

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