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Friday, September 22, 2017

His Light to Guide

Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.
—Psalm 119:105, NKJV

It would be wonderful if life was consistent, but life continually presents challenges. As my father journeys this road of loss, nothing is constant. We never know when we walk into his room what we will find. Sometimes he is able to communicate his needs. At other times he exists in a world that we can’t fathom. We are challenged each day to trust God to take care of what we are unable to understand—to guide where we are unable to go. There is nothing we can do to change the challenges that are faced each day, but there is something we can do to walk this path in peace. We can surrender the struggle of heartache and despair, and trust God to steer us safely through the unknown.

When His Word guides and empowers my life, there is no problem or circumstance or difficulty that has the power to destroy my faith in Him. His Word gives direction to handle each circumstance that arises, but for the light of His presence to guide me safely through each moment of life, I surrender all of my will to His. I surrender not just some of my will, but all of it. If I try to handle whatever I face alone without His guidance, I will ultimately fail in my attempt. If I allow Him to direct each decision that I make and each step that comes, I will follow Him safely and securely into a future that He alone knows.

Circumstances lie ahead that I would never be able to handle in this present moment. Worry about what is unknown only destroys the peace I have in Him now. He gives me strength to handle what I face now, and He will give me strength for what I will face later. If I trust Him, I have peace in the present, and peace in His promise to take care of my future. As He accompanies me along my path, His light reveals only so far ahead. The path, as it twists ahead, is unclear and shadowed. It is darkened because the light of His presence lights my way now. When I reach another bend in the path, He will light my way then. I need not worry at what might come. As today passes into tomorrow, He will walk with me. The same light which has guided me–the same power–the same peace will continue to guide my way.

Today's path starts to dawn, and I anticipate my father’s needs. However life has a way of changing those needs. The path may suddenly bend with an unexpected challenge, and I must surrender to its lesson knowing the light of His Word—the light of His presence—will reveal, sustain, and guide me. Even though the path of life always changes, God’s strength and support are always constant. He never changes. I trust Him for my moments now, and I trust Him for those that are around the next bend. I agreed to this journey many years ago without knowing the pain it would one day bring. But it is my journey of commitment to not only my father, but to God. I will walk this path, with His guidance and peace, straight through this life right into the next.

© 2017 Lynn Lacher

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