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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Your Vision is Your Future



Barry Bennett is a teacher at a Bible College and has always taught the message of God’s healing grace. Two years ago, he fought cancer for the second time in his life. The first time God miraculously healed him. The second time he was told to get his affairs in order because he was not going to live. However, Barry had God’s peace that he would not die but would live and declare God’s Word. It was a long emotional and physical struggle over many months where he fought the good fight of faith. He learned compassion for those who go through sickness. But he never let go of God’s peace and promise. He held on to the vision that God was not finished with him. 


Here is an excerpt from Barry’s book, “He Healed Them All.”  Through his second battle with cancer, his book encouraged him to receive healing. He discovered he could believe, just as our pastor wrote in his book, “With God's Help, Yes, I Can!” 





Your vision of yourself, your health, and your future is your faith. It is the evidence of things not yet seen with the natural eyes. What you see on the inside is what is being projected and prepared for consciously or subconsciously. Your vision is your future.


Too often we look at natural problems with our natural eyes and come to natural conclusions. The result is often worry and fear. There is a spiritual dimension to those issues and there are spiritual resources for every need, but the eyes with which you choose to see, and the resulting fear or faith will shape the outcome. 


Those who see themselves sick will project their sickness or affliction into the future and make adjustments based upon their natural evaluation. Those who see themselves healed will look past the current challenge and project themselves into a future of health. What is the difference in these two groups? The difference certainly isn’t God. The difference is the vision of the heart. 


The vision of the heart is a harvest of the words we have heard and believed. We are either giving place to words of fear and limitations, or we are giving place to God’s promises. Can you see yourself enjoying a life full of health, joy, and peace? If not, why not? What have you allowed in your heart that projects a different vision?


You are in control of your spiritual eyes. You are in control of what you hear and the pictures it creates. What can you see right now concerning your health? If a vision of a full, healthy life doesn’t jump in your heart, then you are listening to the wrong things. Your vision is your future.




As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

—Proverbs 23:7







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