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Friday, February 22, 2013


Lord, it is an amazing thing to belong to you, to know you intimately, and to be known as one who seeks your heart. But with that incredible relationship comes a great responsibility from which I must never shrink. Each step I take is observed. Each word I speak is heard. Each moment of my life touches another. Things that I may do that are not guided by you, may not only hurt others, but hurt your ability to work in their lives. Help me to always walk very carefully, to seek your will, and always follow your desires instead of my own. I have been bought with the greatest price, and there are no times in my life that I am free from that great responsibility. Help me, Lord, to walk in your will and in your power so that each person I know, sees only you, and never me. I must always remember that it is not only in the large things that your grace is known. It is in the little everyday moments that your grace impacts others. Today I give you all my smaller and my greater moments. I give you my life so that you may turn my limitations and my failures into your greatest work.

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