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Thursday, February 21, 2013

We are the Body

“Belief in each other is essential to have a successful organization” Colin Powell once said. What a powerful statement, and that is a statement that should effect every facet of our lives. Have faith in others. Even when their ideas are not exactly your own, recognize them for the individuality they bring to the whole family, organization, or church. See potential in each other. Listen to the concerns of their heart. In the church, we are each part of the body. The Apostle Paul mentions the importance that each part brings to the body. There is no least or great. When each part is not functioning to its capacity the whole body suffers.

Colin Powell also said that “trust among everyone holds us together”. Trust does not mean we all agree, but it does mean that we have an obligation to hear another person's point of view with respect. It means that we recognize the importance of each individual, and believe they have something valuable to offer. It means that we state concerns with love and not anger or rage. It means that what we bring to the table is spoken with regard to each one present. It means that we consider the one next to us or across the table more important than ourselves. It means that we recognize that we are human and fallible, and we do not have to make our point known. There is freedom in not having to have the last word.

What we are called to be is the body of Christ. That body suffered for you. That body took the nails for you. That body took within Himself all the sin and pain of the world. That body became less so you might know the joy of freedom from suffering and harsh attitudes. What does our body do for Him? Do our actions as individuals bring pain to the body of Christ? What do we give back for all He has given us? Is my individual need so great that I would wound another? Or do I see the whole body as a place I can lay my life down for others?

I will answer someday just like you will. I will stand before Him and explain my attitudes and actions, and I will be held accountable for what I have written. I pray it brings glory to Him, and healing in our lives. Each one of us will answer, and I know that we long to hear that we have been good and faithful. Let’s live it today, and make our body into the whole He so desires. We long to enter into His glory, and He longs for it even more.

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