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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Miracle in Place

It was early on the Sabbath following Jesus’ crucifixion. Women came to anoint Jesus’ body with burial oils and spices. Why did they come? It was not for preservation. Embalming wasn’t something that the Jews practiced. Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Salome had only one reason in their minds for coming to his tomb. It was the final act they could do for Jesus to show their great love for him. 

They asked each other who would roll away the stone. Even knowing a stone blocked the entrance, they continued in their journey. They had a passion. It was so strong that they continued on to the tomb. Have you ever had a passion, but let what seemed an overwhelming problem hold you back? When we often hit a problem or a stone we give up. These women preserved, and they were about to be rewarded with the miracle of a rolled away stone.

How many of us give up when we encounter what seems an overwhelming problem? How many of us don’t realize that this is the time that faith is meant to take over completely? These women continued on to the tomb. But what do we do? Do we continue or do we give up? The problem is meant to make us dependent on God. If Jesus has given you a vision, remember that it is His place to bring it into being. It is not yours. Continue on your way, and believe that it is only God's strength that moves the stone away. 

At the tomb an angel met the women and told them, “He is not here! He has risen!” Think of the impact of those words! They went to the tomb for one purpose, and left with the joy of another! From mourning to joy! From death to life! Go tell the disciples!

Consider what the women saw that morning, and what an experience it was. We read about it, but if we put ourselves in their place, we can see how overwhelmingly incredible it all was! A stone rolled away, and inside there is nothing but the cloths of mourning. And out in the world, Jesus is alive!

Whatever your passion or your purpose or your calling, remember the women who would not give up, and the unexpected joy they found when the odds were against them. They would have missed the miracle that early morning if they had focused on the stone. When it seems hope is gone, God puts a miracle in place.

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