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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Power and Purpose

Do I realize that I must continually seek His heart, or do I believe that I am “fine”? Is He the heartbeat of my life, or is He on the outside looking into my heart? Do I even realize that He is waiting and longing to be invited into every area of my being? Do I believe that all is well when in truth I am just withering on the vine? When I believe that I am just where I need to be in my relationship with Him, then I am dying. Not dying to self, but to Him. There is none of His life-blood flowing and rendering power in my life. I have no power or no purpose.

Is this what I bring to a hurting friend or a hurting world? No power or purpose? If I bring a heart which will not surrender to God’s purpose then I reap my own self-sufficiency. A heart that is not surrendered to Christ needs nothing more. A heart that believes it lives for Christ, but does not, is a heart that doesn’t realize it has its own agenda. When I bring such a heart to ministry, I am impotent and purposeless. This is the greatest danger–a stagnant heart-attitude. Instead of bringing life, it brings death. 

“Those whom I love,” Jesus implores, “I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me” (Revelations 3:19-20). When I bring a surrendered heart, I bring one that is easily rebuked and disciplined. It is not hardened or self-sufficient. When I am willing to listen to His voice instead of my own, I have invited Him to come in and change me. 

He knocks, and it is up to me to open the door. He will not force His way through the door of my heart. I must yield and make the effort. He is knocking today, and longing to be invited into all the crevices of my life. He yearns to bring life-changing power to my heart, and through a yielded life, deliverance to a hurting world.

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