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Monday, March 11, 2013

Love Intentionally

Several years ago with Brother Bill's lesson on passing spiritual blessings fresh on my mind, I went to visit a precious lady who was almost ready to go to her eternal home. As I stood in her room, I saw in her family the love and spiritual blessings that she had passed on to them. 

I bet she was intentional with her love. She must have shared the small things that make the biggest difference in another's life. She must have hugged her loved ones each chance she had, and told them that God loved them so much that He died for them. She must have spoken life over and over again so each one would be sure of her love. She must have believed strongly in what each one could be, and prayed daily for them to know their potential. 

How did I know this when I hadn’t known this lady very long? I saw her in her family. I saw her love in their commitment and in their love as she prepared to move on to eternity.

Recently my own dear mother passed away. For several days we stood around her bedside and spent precious time with her. My mother passed intentional love and spiritual blessings on to each one of us. As my sister shared in her eulogy, she prayed and ruminated, then prayed again, ruminated, and then took action. Mama always saw our potential, and helped us discover it. She loved her Savior and her family fiercely, as my sister shared. I believe with all my heart that my mother passed her fierce love for Christ and others on to me. I see her commitment, love, and strength in each one of my family.

Be a blessing to someone today. Intentionally pass love along. It will come back to you again and again.

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