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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life Your Faith

“Oh, my beloved one,” God imparts, “what do you speaks louder than what you say. You say one thing and do another. You teach someone about me, but then do the very thing that you said was wrong. My Word calls for honesty and integrity in all areas of your life. When your witness does not support what you say is true, then you make my sacrifice worthless. It breaks my heart just as my body was broken for you. My blood was shed so that you might walk in newness of life–not stay buried in the muck of your past. You have reasoned your actions until you no longer hear my voice gently leading you. I wait and long for you to hear. Give up the past ways that have defined you. Give up the things in your life that bring death. Don’t ever get to the place where you are no numb to my voice that you no longer feel my conviction. I want you to realize that your actions do not support the faith in me that you speak of so nonchalantly.  I am not a nonchalant God. I am life, and I wait for you to realize that you cannot instruct and encourage another in faith in me when it is not realized in your own life. Return to my heart. Live your life in my Word, and allow my Word to accomplish what it was meant to accomplish–new life in me. I love you, child, and I long for you to know and live my heart.”

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