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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Victory in Sacrifice

Lord, I can conquer in your strength. There is no failure with you. But first, Lord, I must live in you. I must allow you to define my days, and define every area of my life. If I want to live my life to your fullest, then I must die to myself and allow you to live in me. Conquering power is your promise. I will know victory. 

That victory is often souls that have been won. Sometimes it is healing of an illness or resisting the enemy. Often it is in a sacrifice that others might not even know. But there is victory in the sacrifice–just as there was victory in your sacrifice. Often the victory comes as I lay down my own desires and needs for the sake of another. 

The world might call me a failure, but you know my victory is in sacrifice. It is in the moment I release my own desires, my feelings, my frustrations, and let go of my own self, I discover who you really are. In my weakness I am suddenly strong. In my sacrifice I find your victory.  No weapon against me shall prosper because I have discovered the power in sacrifice. 

Philippians 2

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