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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dear Child

Dear child,
For me to bless you, your heart must seek mine. Your decisions will be the right ones if you commit them to me and desire me before anything else. Place your will on my altar as your most precious offering. I gave up my will for you when I died for you. Now I long for yours to be given in love. Now I seek yours. Trust that what I shall do is best for you. Believe that I am powerful enough to do anything and everything. Believe that nothing is impossible in my hand. Then leave all with me with thanksgiving in your heart. Give me your tired heart, your poor days, and all in you that yearns to be free. Be confident of my safety and complete protection. When you give all to me, I am the Lord of your future. It is in my hand. You cannot see it, but you can trust me for it.  Right now, child, if you could see it all, you could not bear it.  I will show you a little at a time as it is needed. If you accept my heart and my will, you will know joy. You will know peace that I have all your life in my hands. Look to me the author and the finisher of your faith. Allow me to be ALL in you, and your heart will be free.

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