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Saturday, February 17, 2018


Jesus never fails me. His promises are not dependent upon my ability, but only upon my accepting His will and walking in it. He gives me His assurance that though I may fail in what I attempt, ultimately His promise and purpose will prevail. When He chose Peter, He saw Peter's potential. He recognized not only someone who after denial and failure, would rise up to walk in His power and strength, but He chose Peter so that others who are frail and weak might realize that God's purpose is not limited by their weakness. My weakness given to God becomes His power in my life to achieve the potential He sees in me.

Often I feel weak, but I can’t go on feelings. When surrendered to Him, I am strong. Monday I leave for Israel, and it will be awhile before I return to posting and emailing devotions. I pray for the weakness of my human heart to receive every strength and purpose He has for me. I appreciate your prayers for my friend, Donna, and I, as we travel to the place where our lives began.

© 2018 Lynn Lacher

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