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Saturday, March 3, 2018

In Me

There are no words to share the depth of what I experienced at Calvary and the tomb. There are just no words to convey my broken and then healed heart. He is pure love, unhindered with all the baggage we create. We make His grace so complicated. We project our own selfishness into His every purpose. Selfishness is the source of our grief of what we believe we have lost. But we have lost nothing. We are found.

That morning in the garden the tomb waited where they had laid His broken body. The gift of His life drew me without questioning the moment—without words—without any motive. His love drew me without regard to anyone’s opinion or verdict. He had offered His life demanding nothing in return. I stepped into His tomb, not realizing how the renewed gift of His love would rescue my besieged heart.

His grace met me there. Joy met me there. What I had known and believed in my mind, I now sensed and felt empowering my heart. I would have stayed in that empty tomb safe from the torment of human expectation and need, but that would have not been my purpose. I was called to take the freedom of this moment out of the tomb into a world hindered with sin, man’s expectation, and motive. The need to be free beyond the wall of this tomb was very great.

I stepped from the tomb into the light, and His Hand grasped mine. I was not alone. His message would live in me.

© 2018 Lynn Lacher

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