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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Safe in Him

Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the Lord means safety.
—Proverbs 29:25 (NLT)

Fear is about focus. We either keep our focus on God, who gives perfect peace, or we focus on our problems, which overwhelm and remind us that we can’t handle what is wrong. Turmoil and pain, rising from personal conflict, circumstances, or lies of the enemy, can drive us closer to fear instead of closer to God. We worry about what will happen next, or we fear what someone might say or not say, do or not do.

Is this you? Do you struggle with fear that overwhelms? Trusting the Lord means safety. You don’t need to fear people or circumstances. Fear is a dangerous trap of the enemy to keep you from trusting in God’s grace. His safety is nothing like what we envision. We are limited in our perception, but trust inspires greater faith to believe in what we can’t see or hear.

Trust in this world is earned. But trusting God is a choice. God doesn’t need to prove himself. He gave His life for us out of love. Someone might say that Jesus earned our trust by His sacrifice. No. His life was a gift, and we need not do anything to receive His love except say yes. Trust is the gift we give back to Him.

Never be caught in the performance trap. Fearing how someone will judge you renders you helpless and hopeless. Trusting God keeps you safe from the judgments of others and of yourself. It brings the assurance of His grace to meet each need. When your thoughts are focused on Him, faith is stronger. Peace is greater. Joy is effervescent. There is no better place than to put your trust in Him. Safety is never earned. It is His promise.

© 2018 Lynn Lacher

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