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Friday, May 10, 2024

The Profession of Your Faith


Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;).
— Hebrews 10:23

Profession is the act of openly declaring a belief. A person who professes a belief does not simply repeat what someone else says. This is a person who has captured God’s Word in his heart. It has aged in him putting down deep roots until he has come into agreement with what God says. This person sees a problem like God sees it. His heart and God’s heart are so joined on an issue that their hearts beat in rhythm. When a believer opens his mouth to “profess” or “confess” God’s Word, his confession is no longer a powerless statement. What is spoken comes from a very deep place of conviction inside his heart.

Genuine professions of faith come from God’s words that have been sown in your heart. After a time of meditating and renewing your mind with His words, you begin to see what He is saying. You begin to see the way He sees. You grow to deeply believe what God believes, and out of heartfelt conviction, you begin to speak and declare your faith.

When a believer gets God’s Word so deep into his heart that he comes into agreement with it, he no longer speaks empty words or copies something he has heard. He speaks boldly from a legitimate place of faith.

Many people go through life repeating what they have heard someone else say without ever developing any depth of understanding and faith behind their words. They may say the right things, but since these words come out of their mouths and not out of their hearts, their confession does not produce results. 

Your faith and what you say have to connect. A mindless profession does not come from the heart. It cannot produce any fruit. Your profession of God’s truth must come from your heart before it comes out of your mouth.

How can you avoid making mindless confessions?

Choose to believe what God says. Commit your mind, heart, and all your strength to believing the Word of God—no matter if it does not make sense to your natural mind. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to make God’s Word so real to you that if anyone implies that it is not true, you will not doubt or waver in your belief. A man who doubts the truth of the Word in his heart will not receive (James 1:6-8).

Open your Bible and do some serious study and meditation. Sow His Word in your heart until you and God are in total agreement on your problem.  

Out of the abundance of your heart, you speak (Matthew 12:34). When God’s Word is deeply sown in your heart, you believe you have His abundant life. When what you believe aligns with what God says, begin to speak His truth by faith over your issue. Consistently, speak your deep-seated belief of His truth into your life. One day every part of you—spirit, soul, and body—will align with His Word (1 Thessalonians 5:23).

A confession of faith can only be a mountain-moving confession when it comes from the heart before it comes out of the mouth. If you have planted God’s Word in your heart so that it is now your word as well, you can speak the truth of His Word over every concern of your life.

Take God’s Word into your heart and mind. Meditate on it until what you believe agrees with it. Once that Word becomes so real inside you that it becomes your heartfelt belief, speak it. Speak His truth into your life. Life is the power of your tongue (Proverbs 18:21). 

When what you believe in your heart is spoken, the mountain will be removed (Mark 11:23-24). Don’t give up because you don’t see immediate results. When Jesus cursed the fig tree, its roots immediately died from the power in His words, but the withered results were not visually seen until later (Mark 11:12,20-24). When you speak God’s Word out of a convicted heart, His truth is released in your life. However, you may not see its visual truth until time has passed. 

Every part of your life is meant to come into alignment with God’s Word. This is His will for you, and He is faithful to His Word. Your part is to take God’s Word into your heart until it becomes who you are—until you take ownership of His truth and believe what God says without a doubt. You receive by faith when you agree with God’s truth about your problem, your illness, or your need. Never stop speaking His truth over your life and praising Him for its results. The Lord who promises you is faithful. If you will hold fast to God’s truth and profess it without wavering, you will see your life changed by His everlasting and unchanging Word.





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