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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Healing of Heart


Days pass since she has gone
And pain does not depart.
There seems to be no answer
To the longing in my heart.
Lord, my ache is great each night
As it is with each new dawn.
And on it stretches until I’ve found
Another day half gone.

But somewhere from deep within
I hear your tender knock.
I know you stand at my door
And yearn to be my Rock.
Lord, I believe that you now reach
To heal pain which loss has brought.
You bring memories of past to mind
And heal that which I’ve lost.

Lord, with all the faith I can find
I release my pain to you.
Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul-
I claim all that you have new.
Please fill my days with faith
That rises sure and strong.
Give eyes to see that which you see
And your hope to still hang on.

Lord, I invite your presence strong
Where once I only coped.
Now flow, O Faith, into my life
Breathe life where once I hoped!
Today I look to you again
Once more I release anguish
Into your able healing hands
In faith just as you wish.

Fill my days with joyful praise
And nights with your sweet peace.
Heal every broken part of me
That has longed for your release.
O, Lord, of heaven, sky and earth
Of my heart which once cried
Now I praise you King of Kings.
I understand just why you died.

Praise to the Lord of Lords I sing!
Praise to the King of Kings!
In days of painful loss I trust
In that which His faith brings.
In peace I shall rest my eyes this night
And praise Him only from
The joy with which I trust His heart
For days that are to come.

--Lynn Lacher

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