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Sunday, November 24, 2013


    The call came in the middle of last night. James Davis is in surgery right at this moment for new lungs. It has been a long road, and it still will be. For the last several weeks, Edgewood Church has been undergoing a renovation in the sanctuary. Many have sacrificed time, money, and love to see it completed for today’s worship service.
    And it will be worship!  Not only a new sanctuary, but the gift of new lungs for James!  God does make all things new in our lives. We may not always perceive how His hand does this, but it is His promise.  Sometimes the route to our promise is long and hard, but in the end the reward is very great.
    Whatever your struggle....whatever your question....whatever your promise.... HOLD FAST!  He who promises is faithful. We are new in Him because He has saved us from our own self-destruction. We are new because He has made us His own.
    Be renewed everyday with the touch of His Spirit!  Be renewed with His love.  If you are able, come worship with us at Edgewood today, and rejoice in the miracle of His presence.

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