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Monday, November 25, 2013

Today I Touch

Today I almost touch your garment.
You are as close as my next breath.
I have seen your glory in the sanctuary,
I have known it in suffering and joy.
The pain brings the promise of release.
It is through pain that I discover
Your strength to stand strong.
But in this moment I need you now.
This pain has overwhelmed me.
I need to know with all my heart
That you are truly my healer.
So I reach up and grasp your hem,
And in that one act of faith,
Your life becomes my life,
Flowing, healing, redeeming,
Your glory is within me.
That which had promised death
Now promises life!
Today I touched the hem of your garment.

Matthew 9:19-21

(dedicated to a friend who reached up and touched the hem of His garment)

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