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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Believe

After all the hurried decorating, shopping, visiting, wrapping presents, and holiday singing, we wait in joyful anticipation for the true promise of Christmas. Bells have rung out their message of peace while we have busied ourselves with the fun of the season. The world has rushed and hurried with its busy celebration. We have sung Christmas songs, and even carols—their words have barely touched our hearts. But now it is time. With the last caroler's fading voice, and the last bell's echoing resonance, all is quiet with hope of what this season really means. We wait breathlessly for the promise of hope for the world. 

Jesus is the promise of hope born to change the world with the gift of His life for ours. In one miraculous moment in time Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came into our world as an innocent child. He grew in God's wisdom and understanding. Completely human and also completely God, He understood our pain and suffering. Yet He also knew the gift of His life on a cross for our sin was the only way we could be free. Without hesitation He gave His life for us. He who knew no sin carried the weight of our sin to the cross, and there it was crucified forever. I stand in awe of His sacrifice and love for us. The most amazing thing is that He still lives. He did not remain in the tomb. He was resurrected into new life, and because of His gift I also can receive that new life. He is my Christmas promise that the old is gone, and I am reborn in His love.

Lord God, I am in awe of such amazing lovethat someone would actually give his life for me. I am humbled by who you are, and all that I am not. My mind cannot understand or fathom the depths of this kind of love, but my heart, mind, and spirit cries out for it—all of me cries out for its healing. You came into the world to rescue me from all my failures, my sins, my hurts, my pains, and my suffering. I long to know the freedom of your promise. I long to know your love beating inside my heart. Come Lord, Jesus, into my life and bring the peace and joy of your Christmas promise. I believe.

Lynn Hampton Lacher

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