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Friday, February 3, 2017

Honoring Daddy and Mama

“Honor your father and your mother” (Exodus 20:12a, NIV).

Four years ago today Mama left this earth for heaven. So much has happened in these last four years. Daddy married a sweet lady named Jeanie who used to sit with Mama in church while he sang in the choir. They had a beautiful year together, and then he suffered a stroke. Now he is at Autumn Cove in a room across the hall from where Mama spent her last years. I visit Daddy every day, but today will be difficult. He doesn’t remember it has been four years since Mama passed. I’m so thankful he can’t remember the grief. He lives in his own little world and from time to time allows us to be a part of it. The stories he imparts—the trips he takes in his mindthe adventures of his day are as real to him as my day is to me. Yesterday morning after he finished his cocoa my sister had sent him, he gave me a tender little smile that just melted my heart. I knew I was appreciated and loved. I unexpectedly remembered being swung up in his arms as a little girlhis blue eyes twinkling and laughing as he caught me on the way down. Daddy suddenly touched my arm drawing me out of my memory. He smiled at me again, and then looked passed me without seeing me. He was far away on another adventure or solving a problem beyond my comprehension. I do not know how I will find him today. I never know how he will be when I open his door. Today is harder because of Mama. But I know when I open his door he will be waiting for mejust as Mama also once waited. My sister and brother will be here soon to spend precious time with Daddyjust as they came through the years to spend precious time with Mama. Honoring our parents has never been difficult. We were greatly loved and were taught to do no less. Perhaps we will realize something. It isn’t the amount of time given that is important. It is the love in the few we offer. A few moments of our time are a lifetime to Daddyjust as they once were for Mama. 

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