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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dear Daddy

When I was little, you held me. And then one day I had to hold you. You always reminded me through the years that you loved me, and that God loves me. And then came the day I had to remind you. You once were strong and my protector. Then I became yours. You once carefully and in great detail managed and organized your world. Later, when you forgot where you were and what was happening around you, your incredible mind continued measuring, leveling, planning, and constructing the amazing things you constantly envisioned.

Years ago you tried to teach me math, but not too successfully. You were surprised when, later, I became a computer teacher. Then I became your personal computer nerd who you erroneously believed could fix anything. You were always resilient, a gentle and loving giant of a man, and you remained a gentle and loving giant of a man to the moment you drew your last breath.

Even in moments, during these past two years, which have broken my heart, you have always been my daddy. Continually larger than life, you taught me integrity and commitment. You lived it. You lived your faith. For years, you tirelessly and lovingly took care of Mama, and then God graciously allowed me to be here for you. But I was not alone being here for you. My dear husband, Pat, went to Autumn Cove every day and met a need not only for me, but for you. And then there was Jeanie. God did not send just anyone to you. He sent Jeanie. He sent an angel who brightened your days like no one else could—who touched a place in your heart that was for her alone. You called her “my Jeanie”.

One day you found yourself trying to make sense of a world that made little sense to you. Yet your world was full of incredible possibilities. You, who in life had been so careful and calculating in every decision, were suddenly free to imagine. And did you ever! You piloted your plane through clouds that spiraled out of sight. You were “Star Trek” zapped to Atlanta, Birmingham, and back to Anniston again and again. You took detailed train trips, and quick flights to South America. There was no limit to your adventures as you traveled the world with no time restraint. Daddy, when you spoke, it was a collage of events—of impossible feats—of a place where, in your mind, you were still in control. You flitted between realities as light as a feather. You danced in a place I hadn’t been. You saw what I had never seen, and you experienced what I had never experienced.

Within your soul, rested God’s promise that you were known by Him. Even when you had trouble remembering Him, Daddy, He always remembered you. He has called you by name. And now you no longer live in a world that makes little sense. You live whole and free in His. You will always remain, through this life, and infinitely into the next, a strong and gentle man, who impacted my life with his heart.

Copyright © 2018 Lynn Lacher

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