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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Just Choose

Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.
—John 13:34a-35b (NLT)

—Love as you have loved me? What about that person who has lied about me, Lord? What about that person who has hurt others I care about? You tell me to love anyway and to forgive anyway. But, Lord, where is the payment for the pain that has been caused? Where is the justice that I am due?

—Justice, you are due, child? Justice was satisfied when my Son made payment for your unforgiving heart. He loved you in spite of the pain you caused others. He looked beyond your fault and saw what you really needed. Forgiveness. His love forgave you.

—It is just too hard, Lord. I can’t forgive this. It is just too much.

—Too much to forgive as I have forgiven you, child? Too much to love as I have loved you? Was my life given in payment for your hardened heart, not enough? There is nothing more I could have done but give my life.

—I know, Lord. I’m trying.

—Choose to forgive, child.

—But I don’t feel…

—Child, you are exhausted holding on to this pain of anger and bitterness. You cry out for me to release you from your prison, but I have not jailed you. You have done it to yourself. You keep asking me to release you from this prison of pain, and all along you have had the key to open the door.

—Help me, Jesus. I can’t do this alone.

—You only need to ask. With my help, you can let this go. Choose my love. Choose to forgive as I have forgiven you. The same power that raised me from the dead will also raise you to experience the freedom of a forgiving heart.

—It is so hard to believe that I can be free…

—It is time to trust me. Choose to believe. Choose me. Just choose. 

© 2018 Lynn Lacher

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