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Friday, February 28, 2020

Allow Him

Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted.
—Psalm 127:1 (NLT)

A righteous life is as natural as breathing when you know your identity in Christ. And who are you? You are the righteousness of God in Jesus. It is the gift of His life for yours. Don’t be as the Pharisees—just acting it out! If you do, then it becomes self-righteous. And self-righteousness fosters guilt and shame instead of the freedom from sin and guilt that Jesus died to give you.

Only Jesus builds the house of your life securely on His foundation. If you build your life on your own goodness, then you labor in vain. Your work is wasted. It is only His righteousness—His goodness—which makes a difference. Unless the Lord builds your life—unless His Grace is your incentive and His power your means, you remain frustrated and do not experience His peace and joy. 

Do you understand that when Jesus took your sin to the cross and died to give you His worthiness, that he approved you? Or are you always struggling to earn His acceptance? If you genuinely believe that you are a new person because of His Grace, then His power sets you free to live His righteousness. There was nothing you had to do to earn His love when He died for you. Why do you think He now grades your performance?

Peace and joy in the Holy Spirit come through believing by faith who you are in Jesus. You are accepted. You are loved. You are His. There is no need to earn His love. As His Grace transforms you, you realize His revealed work in you, and, without hesitation, you allow Him to live in you. 

Don’t labor in vain—trying to attain something that Jesus has already given you. Let Him build your life. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach and transform you.

© 2020 Lynn Lacher

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