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Monday, February 27, 2023

For My Friend


It is so hard when you are hanging on by a thread. It is such a relief to finally let go and trust God’s truth. His Word is His will for you. Don’t dilute it with “if” because you don’t see any physical evidence of His truth. Faith is the substance of what you hope for. It is the evidence of what you can’t see. 


God’s Word is true but it is not true for you unless you make it your own. Don’t allow what you question is God’s truth for your life to get in the way of what the Word says is true. That isn’t faith. That is doubt that keeps you from receiving the truth of God’s Word. His Word is truth. It is His life yearning to live in you. 


If you want the truth of God’s Word to be true in your life, you have to place everything you believe in it. You quiet the other voices. You quiet the doubt. You choose to trust that God, who is the Word, is faithful to perform its truth in your life. Let go of that thread. Allow His truth to become who you are.


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