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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Perfect Love




You will live who you think and believe you are. If you believe you still need to win God’s love, then you miss the whole point of why Jesus died to save you. You will live without freedom and in bondage to the old person you were. You will become frustrated trying to earn God’s love that Jesus already earned for you.


Allow the Holy Spirit to transform your understanding of the new person you are in Christ. Let Him teach you who you are and change the way you think. Believe in your heart who Christ says you are. Take His identity as your own.


Don’t hold on to fear and shame. Quit fighting the battles that have already been won. You have the power of the Holy Spirit to defeat the lies and the fears that have claimed your mind. Believe in the perfect love of Jesus for you, and live in the freedom of His love.


Believe you no longer have any room for fear! His perfect love fills you and casts out fear. 

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