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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

On Your Behalf


Everyone at some point in their life gets physically and mentally worn out. But some seem to have the determination and the will to keep going strong—even when others can hardly take another step. 


Have you met someone like this and wondered how they can keep going?


Most likely that person has learned how to draw on God’s supernatural power. His inexhaustible supply of power is available for you, too.


In Philippians 1:19 Paul talked about God’s kind of power.


“For I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.” 


Notice the word “supply” in this verse. It is the Greek word “epichoregeo.” It is an ancient Greek word that translates as “on behalf of the choir.” This might seem strange for Paul to use in this passage. But when you reflect on the original usage of the Greek word “epichoregeo,” it makes what Paul said have great meaning.


In Greece thousands of years ago, a theatrical choral group practiced diligently for an important performance. They gave all the energy and effort they could to perfect their show. Just when they were ready to take their choral production on the road, they ran out of money. Suddenly, all the preparation and all the work they had done seemed wasted. They had given their lives to get ready. They had committed all their resources, and now they were through before they had even started. It looked as if their dream was at an end.


A wealthy man heard of their crisis and made a huge financial contribution “on behalf of the choir.”  This contribution “supplied” all they needed to get their show up and running. In fact, the man’s gift was so vast it was much more than they needed. His gift was an abundant and overflowing “supply.” 


This “supply” Paul spoke of in Philippians 1:19 describes the abundant and overflowing contribution the Holy Spirit wants to give each one of us.


When you run out of strength—when you have given your best effort and you feel you have nothing left to give—when it looks like your resources are drained, this is the exact moment that Jesus becomes your “benefactor.” Like the rich man who supplied the choral group in the story, Jesus steps into your life to donate a generous and overflowing contribution of the Spirit’s grace and power to more than supply your need.


The Holy Spirit has more strength and more power to give you than you’ll even be able to use.  If you are weak, He has exactly what you need to recharge you and get you up and going. If you open yourself to Him, Jesus will give you a brand-new contribution and a fresh anointing of the Spirit’s power. It will be more than enough to get you moving forward again. 


You can be confident that your situation will one day turn around and result in your deliverance. You can be sure of it because others are praying for you and the overflowing and empowering contribution that the Holy Spirit makes on your behalf abundantly fulfills your need (Philippians 1:19).


So when you are too tired to keep going and you’ve drained all of your resources, let Jesus reinforce you with a new “supply of the Spirit.” Just open your heart to the Holy Spirit’s help. Allow Him to fill you with a supply of power so huge that you can never use it all!


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