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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Be Strong in His Grace



You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

— 2 Timothy 2:1


By the time Paul wrote his second letter to Timothy, things weren’t going well in the church in Ephesus. Nero was persecuting Christians. Church members were turning away from the Lord to not be put to death. Leaders in the church were fighting over doctrine. Some church members didn’t appreciate a young man as their overseer, and they rebelled against his leadership.

Timothy certainly must have felt like he was a failure as the leader of the church.

Have you ever felt like you were a failure at an undertaking given to you? Did you feel helpless when an important task was assigned to you after it already seemed doomed to failure? Perhaps, you felt helpless to change the damage that came as a result. Maybe, you felt responsible even though the catastrophe could have happened on someone else’s watch.

Timothy probably felt helpless as he dealt with declining attendance, divisive issues, and Nero’s persecution. He needed God’s strength to stay in Ephesus and take care of the church Paul had entrusted to him.

You therefore, my son,” Paul wrote to Timothy, “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus”(2 Timothy 2:1). 

The word “strong” is the Greek word “endunamao,” meaning to be endowed with power or made strong. This word is a compound of the words “en” and “dunamis”. The word “en” means something is enclosed around something else. The word “dunamis” means explosive strength and power. This compound word paints the picture of an explosive power being placed into some type of container. Paul was saying in this verse: “Timothy, you were designed as a receptacle of God’s supernatural strength. It is time to receive His power.”

Timothy most likely didn’t feel worthy enough to receive a supernatural touch from God. Perhaps, you feel unworthy to also receive from God. This is why Paul told Timothy and also tells you to “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”

God’s power in your life doesn’t come because you deserve it. God makes His supernatural power available to you by grace. His power is a free gift you receive in Christ. The phrase “be strong in the grace that is yours in Christ Jesus” is essential for you to understand the only way to be strong is "by means of" the grace of Jesus.

Out of God’s fullness, you have received grace and more grace (1 John 1:16)! God’s grace never runs out! His power is available to any Christian who exercises the faith to receive it. And because His power is freely given by grace, there is no requirement to feel worthy to receive it. 

Jesus gave His life without cost to you. As long as there is grace, there is always the unrestricted inner supernatural power of God available to you. The only way you can freely receive a new touch of God’s power is through His grace. But you must reach out and take it. You must give up your effort for His. The enemy will always be around to tell you that you aren’t good enough, not worthy enough, and not faithful enough to deserve anything from God. But God tells you that you are deserving of what He gives you. Because Jesus died for you and washed you with His precious blood, you are a receptacle for the abundance of everything God owns.

Quit beating yourself up. Stop repeatedly telling yourself how unworthy you are and how horribly you have failed. If you have messed up, just repent. Turn from your failure without guilt and shame. Ask the Lord to give you a new touch of His supernatural power so you can get up and start moving again. If the enemy reminds you again and again of your failure (and he will), remind him that you have an unending flow of God’s grace. 

You have been made worthy by the blood of Jesus to receive every good thing God has planned and prepared for you. Don’t place limits on God because you don’t feel worthy enough. God wants to bless and use you despite your failure. He is faithful to do all the wonderful things He promises in your life. Choose right now to receive His powerful strength you desperately need. God made His power available to you because of Jesus—not because of you. Jesus paid for it in full. His power is freely available at no cost.

Just as you were saved by faith in Jesus, you continually receive His power by faith in Jesus. Be strong in His grace. Jesus has made you worthy to receive grace and more grace. Draw from His well within that never, ever, runs dry.



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