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Thursday, April 25, 2024

My Beloved Child


If this is for you, I am praying for you...



Years ago, you asked me into your heart and received my love. You walked in my love. We shared. We enjoyed times of sweet fellowship. Then something happened. A lie grew in your mind, and you chose to believe that lie in your heart. The lie is that you were unworthy of my love. You believed that lie and gave it power. Night and day your thoughts were claimed by its deceit. You tried to feel my love and presence but believed you were not good enough. The enemy had you right where he wanted you—in fear of me. 


You ache so much to feel my love and presence again. I know you're hurt, my child, but I can’t make you believe my love for you. I have never left you. I have never forsaken you. You ache for me, but you can’t feel fellowship with me because of guilt and shame. There is no fear in my perfect love for you. There is no punishment. I took your punishment. I don’t see you as you see yourself. You see yourself as the sinful person you were before I saved you. I see you as the new creation I gave my life to save. I see you clean, whole, and without fault. I don’t remember your sin. I see no sin. I became your sin so you might become my righteousness.


When I first came into your heart, you freely and joyfully received my love. Now you question and doubt my love for you. You constantly fear that I won’t love you because you can’t feel me in your heart. Your mind is consumed with that sin you continually confess—the one from which you have no relief of guilt. You don’t trust that my blood cleansed you. My beloved child, you have hindered knowing my love by trying to continually pay for your sin. Nothing you do will change anything. It is not your place to pay. It is my place, and I have already paid the price. You have isolated yourself from the love you so desperately need. You have isolated yourself from those who love and pray for you.


My child, please believe who I say you are. You are debt-free. You are forgiven as far as the east is from the west. I see no sin. You have nothing to pay—nothing to prove—nothing to do. I did everything necessary for your freedom from condemnation. Please stop trying to earn my love. It is destroying you. Just believe who I say you are. You are my righteousness!  You have all my forgiveness! Choose my love and grace! To think you have any power to pay for your sin is not humility. It is pride, my beloved child. The voice you hear telling you that you must pay is not mine. Rebuke again and again that voice that constantly reminds you that I find you unworthy! Choose to believe in the debt-free life I died to give you! I completely paid your debt on the cross! I have redeemed you! It is so painful for you to be free and not know you are free. It keeps you from feeling my love in your heart. I am always telling you that you are loved. You are free. You are mine. 


I’m right here—waiting for you to believe me—waiting for you to receive my love. I will never force you to believe me. You will always have the choice to receive my love. The moment you choose to believe I love you with an everlasting love and that nothing separates you from my love is the moment you begin your journey back to joy and fellowship with me.


My, little one, I came after you. I gave up my life to rescue you. It is never too late. But it is your choice to believe and receive my love. Come and enjoy sweet fellowship with me again. I am always here with open arms.




God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

—1 Corinthians 1:9


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