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Friday, April 26, 2024

Called to A Relationship



God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

—1 Corinthians 1:9


We are called to be in fellowship with God through Jesus Christ. 


When we are in fellowship with the Lord, we can know His will. When our minds are transformed by the Word, we seek the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God. We conform to the image of the new person the Holy Spirit has birthed in us. God is faithful to perform His will in us. We don’t have to struggle to figure out what He wants us to do. When we believe the Father is in us and we are in Him—that we are one spirit with Him, we have an intimate relationship with Him. We “know” Him. We hear the Word of faith rising in our hearts. The Holy Spirit guides us.


The Holy Spirit draws you into a relationship with love and grace. You don’t have to hide from His presence because you may feel guilt and shame. All your sin is forgiven. All your debt is paid. Quit trying to make right what God no longer sees in you. Jesus’ blood has cleansed you. You don’t have to hold yourself together anymore. Drop the mask that hides the pain in your heart. Accept His unconditional love for you. Jesus is your real identity. That is who you are. You are His. New life is yours. Your old life is gone. Don’t live in fear that you are His for just a moment. His love for you doesn’t depend on your behavior. If it did depend on what you do, you would have never received God’s love in the first place. God is love. He loves you because of His Son—not because of who you are. You are His because of Jesus, and you are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise. 


Freedom from sin and its shame is never found in what you do. You don’t need to fear condemnation. There is no condemnation in Jesus. Freedom is found in the perfect love of Jesus. Jesus, who had no sin, became your sin, so you could become His righteousness. Quit making your faith about what you lack, and continually be renewed in your mind to believe the complete work of grace you have received in Jesus.


God is faithful. His love is constant. He never moves away from you. He has judged you righteous because He sees Jesus’ perfect and complete work of grace in you. The love of Jesus isn’t about how well you can love God. You could never love God as He loves you. God loved you first when you weren’t perfect. Your identity in Christ is not how much you love Him. Your identity is about how much He loves you.


“Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls. All Your waves and billows have gone over me” (Psalms 42:7).


The Holy Spirit calls you into the depths of a relationship with Jesus full of love and grace— a relationship with Him where you come freely to Him knowing nothing separates you from His love. Will you let go of your need to reason everything out—make everything right—and just walk by faith in Jesus? Will you let go of the lies that wear you down? Will you let go of what you see—what you hear, and just trust the Holy Spirit? 


Let go of your attempts to prove yourself. Let go of the old person you were before you received Jesus as your Savior. He is dead. Why do you hold on to him? Open yourself to the new life He has given you. You aren’t meant to thirst and never be filled. Be renewed in the spirit of your mind. Put on the new life that is yours. Believe who Jesus is in you, and out of your heart, His life will flow. You will live in Him. You will be used by Him. You will love because you know His love.


How completely do you wish to “know” the one who lives in you? God has called you into fellowship with Him, and He is faithful to that relationship. As God loves His Son, He also loves you.  




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