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Monday, October 21, 2013


“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2 Corinthians 3:17).

Have you ever been so bound up in fear you could not move forward? You could not move at all? Your heartbeat pounded in your head, and you were consumed with fear, doubt, despair, worry, and turmoil? The Holy Spirit wants you to know that where He dwells....where He lives....where He has taken residence....where He has been allowed to reign...there is freedom from bondage. There is freedom from your stronghold. There is His peace.

“Live freely in me, and I will live freely in you,” He whispers. This is not just a promise. It can be your reality. But you must take the steps to allow Him to move freely in your life. Your salvation was a decision you made to have faith in God for all eternity. It didn't cost you a thing. He gave it freely. Your spiritual growth does cost you something. It costs self-denial to your own desires. It costs seeking a depth of prayer where He prays within your heart (Romans 8:26). It costs time in studying His Word until it anchors your life. Then it costs a decision to believe in the faithfulness of the God who saved you. For Him to live freely in you, you must decide to live freely in Him. This means trusting Him no matter what. This means giving Him your best when you don't feel like it or when you feel you have nothing to offer. This means giving your heart away, your will away, your desires away for love of the Savior who gave all to you. Living freely is giving freely.

When you come to this place of sacrifice, you discover something new and amazing. He moves freely in you. He loves freely through you. He accomplishes things freely through you that you never could have seen or believed. He freely gives spiritual eyes to see, spiritual ears to hear, and spiritual wisdom to understand what you need to know (Matthew 13:15-17). Where His spirit is, there is real freedom! He flows through you washing away the stronghold that has consumed your mind and your life. When He flows freely in you there is no room for anything else. Just Him alone.

Live freely in Him. You will discover deliverance, and that He lives freely in you.

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