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Friday, October 25, 2013

Freedom from the Lies

In the midst of all the pain, of all the questioning, of all the wandering of my mind, I will trust you, Lord. You don't want my mind to wander, and yet often it does. You want it anchored in faith in you. This morning it is bombarded with all kinds of thoughts that I know are not from you. You tell me that you take care of all the concerns of my mind and heart. You tell me to rest in you. Resting in you means that I must be captivated by you. It means that I must not be captivated by the enemy's lies. I must see them for what they intend to do to me, and that is destroy who I am in you, Lord. To rob me of my peace and joy and my faith....that is their purpose.

Would I allow someone to steal my child from me? Wouldn't I fight for that child with all that I have? With all my life? My faith is your precious gift to me. I will fight for it with all I have. I will pray for your strength. I will not let the enemy steal and destroy what you died to give me!

What do I do in this difficult moment? What do I do when sudden fear arises from somewhere I did not know even existed? How do I shut down my mind to the lies? I must protect my heart (my soul) from what lies are exploding in my mind. I tell myself over and over that I choose to believe in what your Word tells me …. that I can have perfect peace when my mind stays on you, Lord (Isaiah 26:3). I tell the enemy that he is defeated and he has no right to my life. And I praise you, Lord Jesus, vocally, again and again and again until the lies of the enemy are silenced. It is at that moment they are silenced, that my sacrifice of praise (Hebrews 13:15) becomes one of my healing and release in you, Lord Jesus. It is in this moment I am free.

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