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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rest in Me

"End your frantic pace," He speaks to my tired heart, "and don't fight. Quit struggling and find rest in me. Rest quietly and wait for me. Wait until my power fills you once more. The very thing you have asked me to handle.... will you now finally quit trying to control it? Your attempt at control is destroying your peace. I promise peace. I give rest.

“In the quiet with me, your strength will return. Many believe that my strength is seen in action. But my greatest strength is given to you in your quiet time with me. It is true that in the quiet times of refreshing you will find confidence and strength to rise up again and face your giants. However, the peace you find in giving all your worries and fears to me is my promise to you. It will remain in rest. Facing your giants means that I give you the strength and the guidance to face the enemy, but you don’t carry the weight of command. If you allow it, I am in control for these battles. You will lose your peace at the moment you try to control what is not yours to control.

“In this moment find rest and know that I am your God. Rest in me brings you power to believe. And it also gives you the strength to let go. Allow me to take care of what you were never meant to resolve. What peace for your heart! Knowing that I will handle it, and that you are free to be my beloved child. Rest in me.”

Isaiah 30:15, Psalm 46:10, Philippians 4:6-7.

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