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Friday, June 16, 2017

Never Forsaken

Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you. —Hebrews 13:5b

Where are you, Daddy?  What do you want when you look at me when those tired blue eyes?  You can’t say what you need. You can’t find the words to express your fear and your pain. I know you must feel so alone in your world, and there is nothing I can do to ease your loss. I try to calm and encourage you, but so often I fail. I may not be able to reach you, but God always finds you. He is to you what I can never be—your constant and abiding strength no matter what each day brings. 

As you go through this last season of life, God never leaves you or forsakes you. When you feel rejected because we do not understand your concerns, you are never abandoned. He knows your heart and carries you. When you are confused beyond our ability to understand, God brings rest to your troubled mind. When you are saddened because you feel useless, don’t despair. You are never useless to us. You may not know it, but your smile is so needed. Your hug is so needed. That one meaningful word spoken when least expected gives joy.

When you feel alone and believe we are not there for you, you are never forgotten. We are with you when you do not even know it. Greater still is His promise that He is with you always. Even on days that make no sense, He never leaves. He never changes. He just loves you.  God loves you, Daddy, and I believe that somewhere within your broken mind you still know it, too.

I may not understand the complete purpose of this journey, but I know what it does in me. Just like you did when I was a child, you show me who I am. I learn my strengths and my weaknesses. And I learn through this time of your life and mine that I also am never forsaken.

©2017 Lynn Lacher

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