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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

He Has Loved You

I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself  —Jeremiah 31:3 NLT. The Lord your God fights for you, just as he has promised —Joshua 23:10b NLT.

Do you need someone to believe that you are worth fighting for? Do you need someone to love you enough to fight for you—to give up everything he or she has just for you? The very best is not found in another person’s love for you. The very best has already fought for you, and it comes through a spotless and innocent Savior who walked into hell to rescue you. He feels your wound and fights for your broken heart. He was wounded for your rebellion, and crushed for your sins. He was beaten so you could be made whole. He was whipped so you could be healed. He was willing to give His life in your place because He loves you with an everlasting and unfailing love. He was willing to hurt and suffer the most horrible pain to pay a debt He did not owe. He was sinless, and yet loved you enough to take yours so you might be free. That is undeserved love. That is His grace. 

He not only took your sin in His body to the cross. He also took all the feelings that control your heart and mind. Because He was wounded for you, He feels the heart-wrenching depth of your pain. Whatever hurt consumes your heart, He knows and feels its agony. Just as He has promised, He still fights for you. He still fights for your healing and for you to be made whole. With unfailing love your wounded healer has drawn you. He has called you to allow the stoniness of your wounded heart to be as flesh. He yearns for you to allow the miracle of His grace to heal the wound of your own rebellion. He waits for the moment when your own way and your own strength prove not to be enough. He waits with His perfect love for what you have feared in so many ways—letting go and giving up all rights of ownership to your broken life. He has loved you with the greatest of all love. Freely His love is given. Freely receive.

©2017 Lynn Lacher

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