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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


He makes all things new. We forget that truth so quickly. Every gift He sends, every promise, every renewed hope helps you to rise above what otherwise would hold you back. This world will try to bind you, and keep you focused on every lie the enemy tells. It is the enemy's cords that attempt to bind your spirit, but it is God's Spirit that severs those ties, and breaks all the lies. It is God's power that gives you wings to reach His height, and discover His joy which is your strength.

A broken spirit can soar again. As tired as you seem or feel, remember that He makes all things new. That is your promise, and it is true. You shall not only walk again. You shall soar again. He speaks to your broken spirit, and broken heart to not give up, but to trust in His promise to make all things new.

He does not just make some things news. He makes ALL things new.

Copyright 2018 Lynn Lacher

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