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Monday, February 11, 2019

Believe His New Life

           Do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!
        —Isaiah 43:18b–19a (NIV)

As human beings, there is a tendency to dwell on the past. And because of this tendency, we often miss the beauty of a new thing God creates. Is there anything in your past that you allow to hold you back from experiencing God’s blessing in your life? Why is it so hard to get rid of old feelings that keep you from experiencing the joy of a new moment? When you asked Jesus Christ into your heart, you became new in Him. Old things were over. Who you were is not meant to define your new life now. If you allow the past to control your mind, you will never see what His gift of new life means for you. 

By His sacrifice and love for you, Jesus has exchanged His righteous life for your sinful one. The Son of God, who had no sin of His own, took all of yours. You are declared innocent by His gift of righteousness, but, perhaps, who you once were still torments you. To not dwell on the past and allow it to tarnish your life, you can’t just believe in Him; you must believe Him and His truth for your new life. To be free from the pain of old feelings that still control your life, choose to believe who He says you are and decide to trust that He will do what He says. You can do all things through the strength that He gives. If you choose to believe Him, He will provide you with the strength and power to not dwell on what has been and to focus on the new life He has freely given you.

Grace sets you free! Choose to believe that what He gives is greater than anything you allow to control your heart and mind. Surrender control to Him. In the release, you will find freedom from pain the past has caused. When you believe Him, awareness of what His amazing grace did for you at Calvary magnifies. You can perceive His loving truth instead of the pain of your past or circumstance. It is a promise that, no matter what you face, He brings life-giving streams of hope and commitment to your life
“Have you not heard or understood?” the Lord declares. “I am the everlasting God, the creator of all the earth. I never grow tired or weary. I give power to your life. Trust and believe me, and find new strength! You will soar high above the pain of circumstance and memories of your old life that I died to take from you! You will run and not grow weary. You will walk and not faint! I said through my prophet, Isaiah, that I was doing a new thing!  Well, that new thing took place at Calvary. The new thing is Jesus! And He changes your life! Do you not see it? Believe me!”

© Lynn Lacher 2019

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