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Friday, January 8, 2021

Something New in Me



“Don’t forget my benefits, child. You will be reminded of them when you fix your mind on me. I will keep you in perfect peace” (Psalm 103:2, Isaiah 26:3).


Lord, I’m learning, believing, and receiving your benefits. Your Word is Truth. Guide me into all of it. Teach me beyond my human ability to perceive. Take me to the place in you, Holy Spirit, where I discover a perfect peace greater than any peace I thought perfect. 


You promise something new. Conceive something new in me, Holy Spirit. I want to perceive pure Grace from the blossoming Truth of your incorruptible Word. 


Amid this chaos and evil and unrest and division, you tell us to keep our minds on you. We don’t have any answers. This is a matter of trust—that you give us your vision to inspire hope. 


“Your perception of perfect peace is not mine,” you whisper. “I’m going to show you what it really is and how to focus your mind completely on me. I said I was going to do something new this new year. And I am. Do you want to perceive it?”   


Lord, I’m making the mistake of trying to understand with my mind instead of yours. If I just trust and seek your face, you’re going to open the Word as never before. You call me to understand things beyond my human capacity with the revelation you have for me in the Truth of your Word. 


This journey of revelation is like none other. You take me out of my comfort zone and the familiar that I have believed. You promise to stretch my understanding beyond the ordinary of this world to the extraordinary of yours. Your revelation might be hard-fought and hard-won, but I desire your Truth above all else. It is absolutely worth everything.


Each person—whether of the world or of you—believes he has the answer. Their answers may be based on human logic or what they believe you have revealed in your Word. Perhaps, those who seek answers in your Word have never considered that you have something more to show in your Truth. 


Has the depth of your Grace eluded us far too long? Dare we open and allow you, Holy Spirit, to guide us into all Truth? The answer to everything is in your Word. We just haven’t perceived it so that it can be conceived in our minds. We haven’t been willing to risk going to where we have never been before.


You will keep us in perfect peace no matter what rages around us when we trust you with our whole being. Our spirits are entirely yours—our souls perceive your Spirit and conceive of your Truth—our bodies react out of what our minds have perceived and conceived. When we place our faith in you and not the opinion of any man, you give perfect peace amid chaos and destruction.


“Behold, I will do a new thing. Will you not know it?  I make a road in this wilderness and give waters in this desert land to my people—to the ones that know me—the ones I have formed for myself. They shall praise me” (Isaiah 43:19-21).


You are the answer, Lord. Your revealed Truth is the means to you. I fix my mind on you and not on the opinions of men. I trust only you, Lord. Plant your imperishable Truth in my heart, and bring forth your something new in me.


© 2021 Lynn Lacher

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