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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Casting Your Cares



Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7



Are your cares bringing you to the point of despair? Is fear controlling your life when circumstances overwhelm you? Where is the peace that Jesus says is yours?   


Peace is the product of casting your cares—your fears—your stress— your uncertainties—your worry and anxiety all upon God through prayer and thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6-7). 


Instead of casting their cares on the Lord, many Christians ask God to take their fears and anxiety and give them peace. That does not work. The Word says we are to give our anxieties to Him. We must give Him our fears from our uncertainties and not knowing the future. He wants us to focus on Him because He cares for us. Casting our cares on Him happens when we place our faith in Him and in His promises. Christians who lack God's peace have not taken their cares to the Lord and left them with Him. 


As a Christian, you have received Christ’s peace. It is a fruit of the Spirit that lives in your born-again spirit. Your cares and anxieties will blind you to His peace. But when the cares of this world are removed, peace will flow in your life.


When you are carnally minded, you are not just “inclined” toward death. The Word says it is death. In the same way, being spiritually minded does not just incline you toward life and peace. It is life and peace. When someone says he is spiritually minded and is consumed with fear, he is deceived. He is carnally minded. He is experiencing death instead of life. If we would just renew our minds with the spiritual truths of God’s Word and choose to allow them to control our lives, we would receive life and peace.


Your righteousness with God in Christ is your peace. No one who seeks to gain peace with God by his own effort will ever have God's peace. The spiritual peace of God only comes by grace through faith and is experienced no matter your circumstances or what you lack or have. Human peace is only experienced in the absence of problems. Those who only know human peace don't experience it often, and it certainly doesn’t last. God's peace is independent of our circumstances and has an unending supply for any problem we could ever have. 


God has given us the gift of His supernatural peace to experience. Throw those fears from you and give them to Him! Don’t hold on to the bondage of fear. Choose to give Him your worries with thanksgiving. Remove the bondages in your life that hold back the freedom of His blessing, and peace will flow like rivers of living water.


You live in God’s perfect peace when you trust in Him. You rest in the truth of His love and the promise of His word. You are at peace when your mind is fixed on Him and not on your problems. You are casting your cares on Him—never forgetting that when you do your cares belong to Him and not to you. Casting your cares on Him is a spiritual truth that has the supernatural power to change your life.


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