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Monday, June 24, 2024

No Longer An Outcast



“For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord, “because they called you an outcast saying: “This is Zion; No one seeks her.”

—Jeremiah 30:17




Once, you were lost and heard the voice judging you:


“No one seeks you. No one looks for you. No one cares about you. There is no hope for you.”  


And then one day, you heard God in your heart, “I am the Lord who sees you. I am the Lord who loves you and saves you.” 


You, once called desolate, are no longer desolate. You, once called forsaken, are no longer forsaken. You are no longer an outcast. Jesus sought for you, and He found you. 


You. Are. His. 


Do you hear the Lord in your heart?  He says, “I see you. You are mine. I am the Lord who restores your health and heals you of your wounds.” 


Or do you hear that voice? “There is no hope for you. Nothing will ever change. You will always live with this issue.”


The least questioning of your right standing in Jesus Christ will make you doubt the truths that are yours. The enemy will exercise the ministry of death to convince you you’re not worthy enough to receive the promises of your salvation. He will point out every fault of your past and mistake in your present and declare the lie he sees in your future. He will do anything to keep you from receiving the restoration and healing that are yours in Jesus. 


Never listen to the voice of condemnation. Don’t judge yourself as unworthy of God’s love. Jesus declared you worthy of His life. He didn’t die for your healing when you were perfect. He died for your healing when you were an outcast. Now, you are no longer an outcast. So don’t think of yourself as one. God has declared you worthy of His restoration and healing. He knows you. He has restored to you everything that sin destroyed. You don’t live in condemnation. You live the power of Jesus crucified. 


Don’t allow what you haven’t seen or experienced to keep you from believing and declaring what God has declared true. 


No longer an outcast, Jesus calls you to step out of the false security of all you have experienced and believe Him. 


“I AM the Lord who remembers your sins no more. I AM the Lord who heals you.” 


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