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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Your Helmet of Salvation


Would you like supernatural protection to guard your mind from every attack of the enemy? 

As a child of God, you already have this protection. In Ephesians 6:17, Paul writes, “And take the helmet of salvation.…”

We have discussed the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the gospel of peace, and the shield of faith. In Ephesians 6:17, Paul speaks about the helmet of salvation, illustrating a Roman soldier’s helmet.

The Roman soldier’s helmet was ostentatious and elaborate. It looked more like a beautiful piece of art than a piece of metal formed to fit a soldier’s head. It wasn’t unusual for a Roman helmet to be decorated with etchings of rural farm scenes, fruit, or pastoral scenes. As if these exquisite engravings weren’t enough, a huge plume of brightly colored feathers or horse hair stood straight up from the top of the helmet. 

The helmet was made of bronze and fortified with armor designed to protect the cheeks and jaws. Because of its extreme weight, it had a sponge lining to soften its weight on the soldier’s head. It was so immense and strong a battle ax couldn’t penetrate it.  

A helmet like this certainly drew attention. You could not walk past one of these soldiers without noticing them. 

Why would Paul use such a piece of armor regarding salvation? 

Your salvation is the most beautiful, intricate, extravagant, and ornate gift God ever gave you.

Paul calls this gift “the helmet of salvation.” By using this ornate helmet example, Paul reveals something significant. When a person is confident of his salvation, he walks in the truth of all that salvation means for him. You cannot miss the certainty of a believer who knows who he is in Christ—who walks by faith, not sight. 

The word “helmet” is taken from the Greek word “perkephalaia” and denotes a piece of armor that fits tightly around the head.


A Roman soldier needed a tightly fitting helmet to protect himself from an enemy coming against him with a battle ax. A battle ax could easily take off a man’s head. If a Roman soldier didn’t have a tightly fitting helmet, he could lose his head. Wearing his helmet protected his life.


That is precisely what salvation will do for you when you wear it like a tightly protective helmet. It protects you from the lies of the enemy. But if you don’t walk in all the truths your salvation has given you, you may feel the impact of the enemy’s battle ax as he comes to attack your mind and steal your victory.


If your salvation is not worn tightly around your mind like a helmet, the enemy will come to steal the blessings of your salvation. He will try to hack away at your faith, telling you that a sound mind, healing, and deliverance were not a part of Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross. By the time the enemy is finished with your mind, you no longer believe in the abundant life Jesus has given you.

Many believers attempt to do the work of God without walking in the full knowledge of their salvation, and, as a result, they are spiritually defeated. They can be harshly attacked and misled by subjecting their unguarded minds to the enemy’s suggestions. Facing the enemy without the full knowledge of your salvation is foolish. You must have this helmet to be useful and fruitful in the Kingdom of God.

If the enemy can fill your mind with lies, he can begin to tear you down spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. He can manipulate your emotions and assault you with feelings of fear, sickness, and need. God has given you the “helmet of salvation” to protect you from his attacks.

We must know everything about our salvation. We must study what the Word of God says about its benefits—our healing and deliverance. It surprises some believers to realize that the Greek word usually translated as “salvation” is the same word that is also translated as "healing.” This word, “soteria,” and its related verb, “sozo,” means to save and heal. Salvation refers to our deliverance from the effects of sickness and sin. 

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” (3 John 2). God desires to bless and prosper you with the benefits of your redemption in every area of your life.


Your understanding of all your salvation embraces must be deep-rooted in your mind. When your mind is trained and taught to think accurately about your salvation, that knowledge becomes a helmet protecting your life.

When you know who you are in Christ, it doesn’t matter how hard the enemy tries to hack away at your faith in God. You know beyond a doubt what Jesus’ death and resurrection purchased for you. This knowledge has become a part of who you are, preventing the enemy from finding headway into your life as he once did. 

The full knowledge of your salvation protects your mind from the lies that come to steal, kill, and destroy.


Lord, I am so thankful for my salvation! It is the most beautiful gift you have ever given me!  My salvation has changed my life and set me free. It has brought deliverance to my mind and healing to my body. I want to understand all of my salvation so the enemy can never steal its benefits from me. Holy Spirit, help me study and understand everything purchased for me on the cross. Reveal it to me. Convince me of its truth, and help me to wear that knowledge like a mighty spiritual helmet.



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